What We Do Best

With Data Science, Machine learning and AI as our pillars, we offer services tailored exclusively for you.

AI Solutions

Scalable solutions using machine learning and AI to derive actionable insights from the data through exploration and modelling.

AI Architecture

Architectural framework, Intelligent model building, data pipeline deployment, integrations and applications.

Data Strategy

Roadmaps, strategies for data science potential and analytics driven vision to get the double sided data sword to work.
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Our Product

Recotap provides content recommendations and personalisations catering to publishers, media, healthcare, e-commerce and various other industries, few of its awesome features are mentioned below.

Recotap –

AI Driven recommendation System

User Engagement

The relevant recommendations leads to exploration of more products thereby increasing the number of products viewed and engaging your customer.

Predictive Analysis

Recommending the right product at the right time to the right customer. Insightful cross-sell up-sell suggestions based on the most likely products that user would buy.

Customer Segmentation

Dividing up the customer base based on various demographic factors helps in targeting the correct set of customers.

Performance Insights

Analyse the impact of your campaigns or recommendation choices using performance testing reports exclusive tailored to align with your business goals.

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