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3 Actionable Updates your Dealership Needs

Investing in your business through actionable upgrades is the best way to advance and grow. Technology has become incredibly easy to implement and can materially benefit your dealership for years to come. SpinCar® has found a few areas you can upgrade right away that will make your lives easier, and your sales higher.


Having photos of your merchandise online is an important part of your business. Potential customers are looking at your site to determine your inventory and learn about your dealership before they commit to even coming in and looking at the car. If your photos aren’t showing a cohesive theme, shown in different directions, and of poor quality, a consumer is likely to look over your site and move on to something is that is more visually appealing. A consumer is looking for an excellent visual representation before they even look at the details. Along with taking great photos and interactive videos, getting them uploaded to your site quickly will be crucial to not missing out on opportunities for potential buyers to view the newest inventory. SpinCar’s Mobile Capture App along with our 360-degree WalkAround process offers professional, organized and optimized photos for your customers.

Marketing 101

How you choose to market your dealership says a lot about the type of customer you wish to attract. Advertising with misplaced ads online is a poor marketing decision and it is more likely to be costing more money than it is making you. SpinCar’s Intelligent Retargeting helps you to understand where you need to leverage your advertising so you can stop wasting money, and stop leading customers to your competitor’s sites. The ads that SpinCar creates are based on a specific user’s Google searches, as well as the exact features they interact with, all being personalized to include that data in real time! Since 20% of searches performed in Google are unique, the ads that we offer allow your dealership to be flexible and responsive to the users’ interests which will, in turn, allow you to capture all of the search traffic.

Customer Interaction

As salesmen and women, we know how to read customers when they come in and adjust your sales pitches accordingly. Something that you haven’t been able to do is read your customer even before they walk through your doors and step foot on your lot, until now. With SpinCar’s Lead Intelligence Reporting you can track what your customer looks at on your site. Everything from what specific cars they are spending the most time on to what features interest them the most. These custom reports can even tell you how they shop, whether it’s from a mobile device or a desktop you will be able to get a user-friendly overview of your customer before they come in.


In a nutshell, the way you operate your business relies heavily on customer behavior. Your customers have the power dictate how your website is structured, how you market your cars, and how you approach sales. If you see your marketing isn’t working, SpinCar® can make clear and informed decisions for your ad placements. In the same respect, you need to make your online presence powerful and engaging enough for your customers to stay on your site after they click on your ad.


For more information on how SpinCar® can upgrade your business to a well-oiled online marketing machine please contact us!