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360 Product Views & ROI: A No-brainer

360 Product Views & ROI: A No-brainer
Every month, the editors of Popular Science work to identify products poised to change our lives. “The Best of The Goods” tablet magazine is a collection of those items, each one hand picked for its innovation, functionality, and sheer brilliance, all of which are made available for purchase through Amazon. This past holiday season, the Editors of Popular Science worked with SwipeToSpin to highlight in 3D a selection of the products featured in The Goods … and the results are in!
Beyond allowing Popular Science to showcase it’s featured goods in innovative way, SwipeToSpin’s 3D viewers demonstrably increased conversions! Of the three goods featured in 3D using SwipeToSpin, Popular Science saw an average increase in conversions of 87% within the 50 product sample size. On average Popular Science receives 98,000 downloads. Plain and simple, 3D product views make consumers more likely to buy.
Better still, The Goods proved that 3D product views are affordable: in fact, SwipeToSpin’s 3D viewers actually paid for themselves, 13.52x over! Given a median 3D product price of $50 and 3D product’s increase in conversions by 87% (and Swipe to Spin’s standard pricing), Popular Science saw an ROI of 13.5x on in its investment in Swipe to Spin! If you’re in the ecommerce business, you can’t not afford to feature your products in 3D. 3D product rotations are an obvious way to increase your sales and provide a compelling shopping experience— and working with Swipe to Spin could not be easier. So reach out to us at  Sales@SwipetoSpin.com today!