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Are You Wasting Money on Paid Search?

Paid Search tips

Paid search advertising can be a great tool to get your inventory in front of the consumers in your area. With the introduction of Google’s keyword variant matching, its easier than ever before to laser target exactly the audience you want to reach. By remarketing with adwords, you can make sure that your site gets seen at exactly the right time in the buying cycle. Using these techniques and analyzing the data they provide allows you to fine tune your ad campaign to maximize its effectiveness.

When your ad is at the top of a search you’ve successfully hooked a fish. When a consumer clicks through to your site they’re reeled in; you just need to get them onto the boat. I hope you have your net ready! Unfortunately, most car dealership websites don’t. Users land on a standard, boring VDP and find nothing to hold their attention and they bounce off. So, your catch flops back into a sea of competitors and you’ve wasted all of that time and money spent on your ad campaign. Engaging the user as soon as they land is of the utmost importance.

Take a look at this article for some easy steps to measure and start increasing user engagement on your site. Once you start measuring and working to increase the engagement on your site, you’ll see more dollars driven to your bottom line.

By: Devin Daly, CEO