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Creating 360 Content Has Never Been Easier

Creating 360 Spins has never been easier

For almost a year now, SwipeToSpin’s team of creatives have been helping Mag+ customers like Popular Science create interactive 360 spins for use in advertising, editorial, and ecommerce apps. Now with the recent launch of our do-it-yourself 360 Production Kit, we at SwipeToSpin have put the power to quickly and inexpensively create 360 content into your hands, too! No coding required!

So why embed 360 content into your Mag+ editions at all you ask? Well the answer is simple: to increase user engagement. On average, SwipeToSpin generated 360 content generates engagement times 3x that of 2D imagery. In an editorial setting, the value of more engaging content is clear: it keeps your readership coming back month over month. However, when 360 is deployed in ecommerce and advertising settings, the benefits of increased engagement might actually come as a surprise. Take Popular Science’s holiday gift guide “The Goods” as an example.  In “The Goods” products featured 360 actually converted 87% better than those with standard 2D photography, which translated to a very real ROI. Unlike most rich media, 3D/360 content has the unique distinction of being readily monetizable in addition to being a valuable editorial tool.

 On April 29th at 3pm EST, SwipeToSpin and Mag+ will be hosting a webinar on SwipeToSpin’s revolutionary 360 Production Kit. In the webinar you’ll learn how to create interactive 360 content using an off-the-shelf digital camera and SwipeToSpin’s easy to use, web-based 360 Production Kit.

Then you too will be able to create 360 content for your apps and websites, and reap the benefits that 360 content brings like increased conversions and outsized engagement times.

You can sign up for the webinar here, or reach out to info@SwipeToSpin.com with any questions.