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What’s a CRM without usable data? A waste of time.

By now, you probably know how necessary a Customer Relationship Management system is to gather insights about your buyers. CRMs provide valuable data about customer behavior, but sometimes they don’t tell you much about the consumer’s interests. Even worse, CRM data can be easily misinterpreted.

Let’s say your BDC noted that a customer inquired about a warranty on a BMW 335i, but didn’t mention that the customer actually spent most of his time looking at engine specs, simply because the information wasn’t provided. As a result, you tailor your sales conversation to highlight the vehicle’s reliability or how straightforward your warranty process is, when you should be discussing performance aspects. Thus, you miss on a potential upselling opportunity and your chances of converting the sale drop significantly because you weren’t able to establish a connection with your buyer’s needs.


Lead Intelligence Reports

Enter Lead Intelligence Reports. Lead Intelligence Reports (LIRs) provide highly granular and actionable user-specific insights about a consumer’s behavior and profile. This level of data is made possible thanks to SpinCar’s proprietary hotspot technology. LIRs append to your lead submission form and are automatically transmitted to your CRM. There’s no need to log into a separate interface, as Lead Intelligence Reports integrate with all website providers. Better yet, your reports update in real time, allowing you to adjust your sales strategy as needed.

It’s clear to see the value behind Lead Intelligence Reports, but one question remains: how can you leverage your LIR’s data to increase sales?

Custom BDC Conversations

Lead Intelligence Reports allow you to make a connection at the start of your customer interaction by customizing your conversation to the customer’s interests. Going back to our BMW example, you could begin your conversation with something like “I saw you were interested in a BMW 335i. Did you happen to notice that this one includes the M package with a turbocharger?”. You already know that the customer did notice the package, so your question illustrates that you understand his needs, but more importantly that he can trust you as a consultant of the vehicle’s features. Your customer’s car-buying experience is much easier because he feels that you are looking out for his interests and not just selling him whatever car he’ll take.

Switching to a better fit

What if our BMW customer drags his feet getting into your showroom and the car is no longer available by the time he comes in for a demo? What if he doesn’t qualify for financing? Maybe you discuss the vehicle at length and he finds that the 335i just isn’t the right fit for his use cases. Lead Intelligence Reports enable you to effectively suggest an alternative vehicle for your customers based on what other vehicles or features they’ve engaged with. So, your customers come to trust that you’ll meet their needs to make the sale work, plus you can create a sense of urgency for car buyers that make closing the sale difficult.

Enhance Your Handoff

It’s no secret that the auto-industry’s handoff system could use some improvement. We know all too well how the BDC to Sales handoff can give car-buyers a poor first impression about your dealership.

LIRs increase customer satisfaction by allowing your BDC operators to take additional notes when reviewing lead submissions, which they can pass along to the sales teams. Your customer interactions become consistent and efficient, granting your sales team the ability to easily develop key talking points and prepare for potential hurdles.

Lead Intelligence Reports offer a wealth of information that you can use to customize your sales conversations with each car buyer. Your customers will trust that you’re looking out for their needs, making sales easier to close, as well as increasing your referrals and repeat customers. The best part about it all? Lead intelligence Reports come standard with any SpinCar subscription.