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Are Dealerships Just a Formality in Car Shopping?

The automotive industry has always been an area of rapid development, and 2016 was no exception. What the future holds is unclear; what’s known is the fact that automotive dealerships do not have the luxury of waiting on the sidelines when it comes to innovation and transformation.

While the previous year saw massive improvements regarding technological advancements, it should be noted that it isn’t the only thing that’s changing.

Digitization, new business models, changing consumer patterns, mobility, and constant connectivity are all huge factors that are driving the wheels of change in the foundations of automotive marketing.

A Look at Upcoming Trends of Dealerships

Consumers are controlling when and how they view, research, and decide on what vehicle to buy, and dealerships need to begin embracing the same principle when marketing their inventory. SpinCar® is a revolutionary platform for dealerships that makes it easy to take high-quality and targeted 360-degree photographs of every car on a lot. A 15 minute upload time allows vehicles to get onto the site as well as third-party sites in a fraction of the time it would take by traditional means.

Is Brand Loyalty a Thing of The Past?

Brand loyalty is becoming a thing of the past with the younger generation and millennials opting for more extensive searches when choosing and comparing vehicle purchases. With that being said, when shopping for cars, the new age of millennials have taken vehicle test drives and comparisons to a virtual level and dealerships need to keep up with the demand of online car shopping and information sharing. SpinCar® has been created to help a dealership meet the needs of today’s fast-paced consumer. With instant uploads and the most interactive way to view a car in all directions, consumers can get a complete view of the entire vehicle right on their mobile device.

Interactive App For Car Shoppers

In 2016, Fortune Magazine reported that 51% of shopping was done online. Today, more than ever, consumers are demanding a real-time, immersive experience before stepping foot on the lot. Shoppers are deciding on a vehicle from their couches and going to dealerships just for the formalities. Interactive applications like SpinCar® have given dealerships a way to deliver the best and most quality views of both exteriors and interiors of every car on a lot to their potential customers. Through SpinCar’s Lead Intelligent Reporting, dealerships can now see just what consumers visiting their sites are looking for in a vehicle and how to display those features better.

Predicting Auto Industry Future

Predicting the future of the industry with certainty is just not possible. We can only make strategic, informed decisions that will help us shape ourselves as the industry evolves. As consumers become more informed and more demanding of the newest features, the automotive market will remain a pioneer in technological advances. The more innovative and agile a dealership operates, the better it can accommodate ever-changing consumer requests. Adapting and staying abreast of this changing consumer behavior is the best thing a dealership can do to remain relevant and serve customers in the best way possible.

If you’re ready to make a difference in your customer experience online, contact SpinCar today to learn about our Lead Intelligence Reporting, the 360 WalkAround, and our Mobile Capture App.