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Employee Spotlight: Austin Walts

From triathletes to restaurant owners, SpinCar has some amazing employees in its ranks. We’re introducing you to a new employee every month as part of our Employee Spotlight Series, giving you an inside look at our charismatic culture. This month, we’re introducing you to Customer Success Manager, Austin Walts, a lively colleague with a passion for helping his customers.

What do you do at SpinCar?

As a Customer Success Manager I own the relationship with our customers on a day to day level. I work closely with them to make sure their programs are working at peak performance. We partner with our customers every day to transform their digital showrooms and deliver a more engaging shopping experience for online car shoppers.

Which core value resonates the most with you?

Both Relationships and Results resonate the most with me. I’ve found that taking initiative and having personal accountability for everything I do builds strong, close relationships which lead to results. On the flip side, when you deliver the results you committed to, it further helps create a strong lasting working relationship.

Your time at SpinCar has been unique, given that your first day was our first fully remote workday after COVID-19 caused shutdowns. It’s clear you found a way to fit yourself within our culture even without having been in the office. How were you able to adapt and connect to the culture?

I think my willingness to just jump in headfirst, sink or swim. And of course, the awesome people that surround me day in and day out at SpinCar. Their willingness to reach out directly to check-in and keep connected played a major role in my acclimation to the culture.

What is one tip you have for succeeding in your role as a Customer Success Manager?

By being responsive. Transparency and communication are key. In the first few days, it can be information overload with the number of solutions we offer and the technology behind those products, but understanding each is integral to success. Jump right in and call your new partners and introduce yourself! Don’t wait to be an expert before forming that relationship. We are human – our partners are too. The best partnerships are always with the people we have the strongest relationship with.

How do you spend your weekends?

Outdoors. If I’m not golfing, I’m hiking, on the lake, snowboarding, or visiting a random small town.

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If you could learn to do something really well, what would it be?

Sing. I got the dancing part down. I just need a good set of pipes!

Austin’s devotion to building strong relationships shines through in both his role as a Customer Success Manager, and as a member of the SpinCar family. Follow us on the SpinCar Facebook and SpinCar Instagram pages for updates. You won’t want to miss next month’s spotlight on Lead Test Engineer, Louie Guerra.