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4 Things Every Salesman Needs to Know about Their Customers

1.Customers prefer to do the research from home.

Technology has always been used to simplify and mainstream processes and using technology to sell cars might be the best idea yet. If your customer can sit at home; research, find, and buy a car without moving from the couch- they consider it a win, and you should too. Here’s why. According to Automotive News,

“Half of surveyed consumers earning $100,000 to $149,000 annually would like to bypass the dealership and buy vehicles online.”

While this might not be a current reality, as we still have to visit the dealership for the final stages of car buying, it is a growing consumer demand. If we have learned anything about the car industry; is it that the consumer runs the show. The integration of SpinCar® is critical in a dealership’s transition towards a fully immersive online car shopping experience. Creating a user-friendly, interactive 360-degree display of every car on a lot is just what dealerships need to be doing, and is exactly what SpinCar® offers.

2. They know what they want

Since your customer has done the research, they know what features are most important, and they know which cars on your lot have them. What could be a simpler way to sell a car?  When a potential client steps on your lot, they have seen the car inside and out, virtually test-driving from their homes or offices which is letting you focus on the numbers and not having to sell them on features. You want more informed customers coming to your dealership, that way you can skip all of the sales talks, and get to signing a contract. SpinCar enables your customers to look at every facet of every car on your lot and even leads them to the points that you want to advertise on the car with hotspot tagging.

3. Skip the salesman “tricks.”

Save time and hassle when your customers come in by sparing them, and yourself with “tricks of the trade.” A well-informed customer knows what a dealership can and can’t do- while this seems like a downside, it’s the opposite! A client that comes to buy or lease a car that has already done research and comparisons is one that wants to sign the deal that day. Giving them more information ahead of time on your website without having to “go to the back office” to talk about added features shows a level of transparency that every consumer demands. If you need to convince a buyer of something, chances are they will either leave the dealership without a car or buy a car and regret the purchase down the road.  Here is another great way you can use your website to learn about your customers!

SpinCar® offers Lead Intelligence Reporting (LIR) on every lead that is submitted through your site. What the LIR does is, track, in real-time, what your customers are looking into on your site. Whether they are interested in their SUV having a third row, or are more interested in the engine specs and need a V8, that is information that can help you close a sale faster. Your customer will not only be impressed with your knowledge and intuitiveness of their needs, but also by the car features you are highlighting.

4.They HATE pressure tactics

We all know about pressure tactics. They are used in every form of sales and marketing in every industry, and you could argue that the car business is at the top of the list. When SpinCar® is implemented on your website to showcase your inventory, you will have an urgency counter on every car that shows how many views it has had. This feature is adding that sense of urgency that many dealerships bet on, in a very subtle way. While we are not saying that pressure and urgency tactics don’t work, we are saying there is a right and a wrong way to go about them. If you want to convey a message of urgency to your potential customers, the subtle way will always be more effective and not leave a potential buyer in a very uncomfortable situation.

SpinCar is your wingman

SpinCar® has perfected the formula for a quick sale for your dealership, and a very happy customer leaving your lot with a new purchase. Having the power to learn about your client creates a lasting impression and great relationship on top of a sale. The internet has created a more informed consumer and the technology SpinCar has provided will insure that dealerships are keeping up and staying one step ahead. This will all lead to better and more transactions with customers and an increase in bottom lines.

For more information on how SpinCar can elevate your dealership and create a culture of positive reviews and happy customers for your dealership, contact us. We will give you a free demo of our technology and give you every option that we offer to set you apart from the competition.