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Getting to know Impel at NADA 2022

Amid the hustle and bustle of NADA 2022, our friends at Auto Success Online took a few minutes to chat with our Founder and CEO Devin Daly about our rebrand and the four pillars of Impel’s Digital Engagement platform, and our newest product, F&I Pursuit

Devin shared that as our product offerings and technology applications grew in number and sophistication well beyond vehicle merchandising, it became evident that we’d outgrown the name “SpinCar”. Our new name needed to capture our innovation and breadth, as well as the impact we’re making on automotive retailing, shoppers and customers alike – impelling the industry forward!

In the spirit of creating exceptionally engaging experiences across the entire customer journey, Devin also shared our newest product: F&I Pursuit. With the massive financial opportunity F&I products represent for dealerships, we leveraged our AI technology to create an automated F&I post-sale retailing platform. F&I Pursuit can help dealers increase protection and insurance attachment rates after the vehicle purchase, while delighting customers with personalization and relevant communications at key moments of their vehicle ownership.

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