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Exceptionally Engaging Experiences.™

Impel’s Digital Engagement Platform turns shoppers into buyers – and loyal customers – by delivering more engaging experiences for vehicle retailers of every type and size.

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Why digital engagement matters.

In today’s hypercompetitive retailing environment, the battle for shopper attention has never been greater. With myriad alternatives just a click away, the buyer journey has become increasingly complex. That means delivering consistent and engaging experiences at every touchpoint is now critical to keeping the attention of prospective buyers. And with more and more consumers making purchase decisions without ever seeing a vehicle in person, Digital Engagement has become a key driver of retailer success. Industry leaders are reimagining their entire omnichannel retail experience. What are you waiting for?

The Impel Platform

The industry’s most advanced
Digital Engagement platform.

Digital applications for every area of your business.

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Digital merchandising is the key to driving shoppers from the screen to the showroom. Greater interactivity and more educated customers: all delivered by Impel.

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Extend the white-glove experience 24/7 with conversational AI. Your sales and service staff can focus on the highest value opportunities – we’ll take care of the rest.

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Add some shine to your digital showroom. Transform static, cluttered vehicle images into showroom-quality experiences that make your inventory stand out from the crowd.

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Attract and reengage high value, in-market shoppers with hyper-personalized digital ads that deliver an oversized return on your marketing spend.

Build your own experiences.

Ready to dial up a customized digital experience for your brand? With Impel’s Enterprise Developer Cloud, you’ll have access to the industry’s leading digital merchandising applications and APIs. It’s everything you need to deliver a more engaging brand experience – built your way.

Deliver better customer experiences at every turn.

From the digital showroom to the physical showroom – and beyond – Impel helps shoppers fall in love with their next vehicle. Powered by first party shopper behavioral data and advanced AI technology, it’s the digital engagement platform for next-generation vehicle retailing and it’s available today.

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Transform static websites into immersive experiences.

Put shoppers in the driver’s seat – literally. With Impel’s advanced digital merchandising applications, you’ll be able to deliver an interactive digital showroom experience that keeps shoppers on your site longer. Help them fall in love by showcasing your vehicle’s most valuable features. Because an engaged shopper is your best shopper.

Conversational AI

Engage in personalized conversations, every hour of every day.

Turn your 9-to-5 into 24/7. Impel’s AI-powered communication applications do more than supplement your sales and service staff during off-hours. Our advanced conversational AI products engage customers with personalized dialogue, VIN-specific responses and consistent follow-up designed to move shoppers seamlessly through the buying journey – and beyond. Turning shoppers into buyers and customers into lifelong loyalists.

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Harness the power of first-party shopper data.

Do you really understand the unique needs and preferences of each shopper? Impel’s closed-loop engagement platform enables retailers to generate valuable shopper behavioral data that powers personalized sales outreach, intelligent follow-up and more engaging experiences at every touchpoint. And that’s what creates a true competitive advantage for your business.

We drive meaningful business results.

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15-20% increase in time spent on dealer VDPs

Impel customer results

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44% More leads per dealer, per month

VW dealership study

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36% faster inventory turn with SpinCar enabled VDPs

Independent study of 4,500 US Auto Dealers

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2.2 incremental bids per vehicle

IAA Auction Results

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$300 increase in sales price per vehicle

IAA Auction Results

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30% increase in website lead conversion rate

Impel customer results

Trusted by thousands of businesses and millions of happy customers.

Immersive Experiences!

We all spend millions of dollars driving consumers to our websites and to third party websites. So why wouldn’t we want to give the consumer the most immersive experience that adds value? We want to drive traffic to our website, which is our new front line and we want to make that as sticky and as impactful as possible, and Impel helps us do that.

Amazing Results!

We recently started using Impel and since then we’ve had some pretty amazing results. Our leads have almost doubled and our conversion rate has gone up by about 25%. We’re very pleased and look forward to seeing where Impel takes us to the future. Thank you Impel for the excellent service, and we look forward to continuing our partnership with you.


Indispensable Partner!

The  360° WalkAround technology is transforming the way that inventory is merchandised online, increasing engagement and trust as buyers explore every interior and exterior detail of the car. Impel has truly become an indispensable partner to the most progressive and forward thinking independent auctions.


Exceptional Customer Service!

Impel lets us stand out from the crowd. The app is simple to use, and it uploads the videos directly to our website, within minutes. The customer service from Impel has been exceptional.

Top Notch!

We’re reducing our vendors and limiting new purchases … except for Sales AI. The Impel team and their processes are top notch, and we’re excited to have Sales AI in our first store.


Unmatched scale and impact.

For nearly a decade, we’ve been delivering exceptional experiences and better business results for dealers around the world. It’s a history of excellence you can count on.


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Vehicle sales and service revenue influenced by Impel’s AI


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