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Lessons Learned from Fenton Family Dealerships

The Fenton Family Dealerships, a leading automotive retailer serving southern New Hampshire, southern Vermont, and northern Massachusetts, rely on Impel for advanced digital merchandising technology. CEO Bob Swartz says that adding 360º WalkArounds® and Feature Tour™ to his VDPs has significantly increased the knowledge level of his store visitors.

Swartz says the level of interactivity that Impel provides has set the Fenton stores apart from competitors and led to more educated consumers who don’t haggle as much when they come to the dealerships.

Screen Shot 2019-03-18 at 4.57.41 PM“We’ve had shoppers recommend friends and family go to our site because of the (Impel WalkArounds) so they could look through the car and take a really good look. (With Feature Tour), consumers are coming in more knowledgable about our vehicles.”

Bob Swartz, CEO
Fenton Family Dealerships


FTHeroMockFeature Tour enables dealers to tell the unique story of each vehicle. By providing customizable multi-media experiences based on self-identified shopper interests, dealers are able to highlight the most relevant features and options for each website visitor.

   Feature Tour by Impel