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Introducing the Impel Storm Chaser Award

At Impel, our people are our greatest asset. We love to celebrate one another, our company, and our successes. Most of all, we prize the shared values and culture that power our family and our collective success. This year, we introduced a new recognition program: The Storm Chaser Award. Peers have the opportunity to nominate colleagues for embodying our core values and actively living them out in everything we do. Storm Chasers help enhance our culture, proactively seek solutions, and affect positive change within the company.

We recently announced twelve nominees and each person truly exemplifies our values. The nominations spoke of each candidate’s character, grit, dedication, and their willingness to do whatever it takes to ensure Impel and our people succeed.

We’re excited to announce the winners of Impel’s first Storm Chaser Award: Glenn Tortora, Kurt Zikaras, and Kyle August. Check out our winners and the great things their peers had to say about each of them.

StormChaser-LI-Twitter copy

Original (11)Glenn Tortora, Implementation Specialist

– “He never hesitates to take on additional responsibility and is often the first person to help test out new products.”

– “He is an immense help to his peers, Customer Success Managers, and everyone within the organization.”

– “He is many people’s “go-to” for any and all on-boarding questions because he truly understands the nitty-gritty but can explain it in an easily digestible way.”

When asked what being a Storm Chaser means to him, Glenn said “It was honor to win the award, especially with so many deserving candidates out there. Being a storm chaser is never giving up and finding solutions to positively affect the company and our customers.”

T033SF0CH-UAGPTBY15-f467b9f6c6eb-512Kurt Zikaras, Lead Software Engineer – Support

– “He is constantly aware of the people around him, their struggles, and thinking of ways to help improve.”

– “Kurt is constantly looking to see how he can improve the workflow and internal processes at Impel.”

– “Most recently, Kurt proactively suggested a solution for a major time-consuming task that the Expansion on-boarding team has to complete and went ahead and did the development work to make it happen.”

When asked what being a Storm Chaser means to him, Kurt said “Being a storm chaser is about relentlessly finding solutions to problems and leaving things better than you found them in the process. This could be during an interaction with a customer, a conversation with a partner or even a part of the codebase that you worked on.”

Kyle_SpinCar_HeadshotKyle August, Customer Success Manager

– “Kyle is quick to assist, train and teach his fellow Impel Team and our customers with no questions asked.”

– “Kyle is exceptional on the phone with customers, constantly following up to see how they are doing and ensure that the resolutions provided continue to work.”

– “Kyle is always contributing great perspective and ideas that move Impel forward.”

When asked what being a Storm Chaser means to him, Kyle said “For me, being a storm chaser is about looking for solutions to problems even if the Customer did not report it. We can always do better. Just because a customer is happy or we are doing a good job, does not mean we should take our foot off the gas.”

We could not be more proud to name these three Storm Chasers. They embody everything Impel stands for and are wonderful assets to our team! We are excited to continue to reward and recognize employees with this award every quarter throughout the year.