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Lead Intelligence Reports

FREE UPGRADE: Lead Intelligence Reports are now available!

Now available to customers using Dealer.com websites, a FREE UPDATE to the SpinCar software suite: Lead Intelligence Reports. Your BDC department will now have easy access to detailed information on every lead submitted through your website.

What Can I Learn From My Lead Intelligence Reports?

  • Feature Interests
    • See the type of features each shopper is interested in based on number of clicks and view time.
  • Vehicle Interests
    • Individual VINs viewed
    • Time spent on each VIN
  • Website Interests
    • Dealership sites viewed sorted by time spent and number of visits

How Can I access My Lead Intelligence Reports?

Accessing these reports is easy. When a lead is submitted, our software will automatically add a URL to the comments section for that lead in your CRM. Copying and pasting this link into a web-browser will bring you straight to your Lead Report. You’ll see all of this data and by simply refreshing the page, you can continue to monitor that customer’s shopping habits.

How Can I Leverage My Lead Intelligence Report’s Data?

How does your team start an interaction with a new customer? Do they use the same pitch for each individual, or do they try to learn as much about their needs as possible to find the best fit for them? What sort of questions do your salespeople ask? With Lead Intelligence Reports, your BDC people will know exactly which vehicles a shopper was looking at, which other dealership sites they visited, as well as which features are important for them, before they even pick up the phone to speak with the customer!

Imagine your BDC person sees a lead come in. They know that this person only spent two seconds looking at the safety features, a couple of seconds peeking at the trunk, but a whopping 2 minutes looking at the engine details. Now, when they pick up the phone, they know exactly where to start the conversation with this prospect. They can dive right in to talking about this particular engine, creating a connection with the customer quicker and helping to get them into the dealership.