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Sensus is the authorized Middle East reseller for Impel’s digital engagement solutions

Sensus is based in the Middle East with staff located throughout the MENA region and Asia. We’re growing, with customers spanning 19 countries and 3 continents. Sensus provides solutions that digitally enhance the dealership and service center environment, both online & in-store. We offer a large range of automotive digital products that improve how you communicate with customers, run your operations and provide vehicle service, creating a successfully connected and digitally enhanced dealership for the modern era. We are not just a technology provider – we are your partners in digital transformation.

Sensus has partnered with Impel to bring the industry’s leading digital engagement technology to vehicle retailers in the Middle East. Impel’s comprehensive digital merchandising, imaging and marketing products deliver exceptional experiences that help dealers thrive in an omnichannel world. Combined with Sensus’s range of retailing, management and service solutions, we enable retailers to provide a seamless and connected shopper and customer experience.

Impel helps vehicle sellers engage, educate & interact.

Your shopper’s journey starts with your online presence, which is why investing in a strong digital engagement strategy is no longer an option–it’s a requirement. Engaging your customers online is essential to leading your shoppers from the screen to the showroom and remaining competitive in the industry. Enter: Impel. We’re driving the auto industry forward with a leading digital engagement platform that helps every vehicle seller thrive in an omnichannel world.

See for yourself how Impel educates and engages today’s shopper:

360° WalkArounds

Transform static pages into immersive experiences.

Put your customer in the driver seat. Take stagnant, one-dimensional vehicle images and create a dynamic, engaging digital showroom with Impel’s 360° WalkArounds. Shoppers have complete control to explore every inch of the vehicle, producing a truly immersive experience that keeps your shoppers engaged—and drives them towards your sales team.

Damage tagging example.

Damage tagging

Disrupt sales distriputions.

No more unwanted surprises—and no more unhappy shoppers. Impel’s damage tagging technology enables you to create detailed descriptions of damage type and severity on your inventory, eliminating unwanted surprises when the shopper moves from the digital showroom to the physical one.

Automated background removal

Turn vehicle photos into clean, eye-catching images.

Keep your shoppers focused on your inventory, not your background. With Automated Background Removal, convert your images into professional-grade photos, all at once. Remove non-OEM-compliant background clutter from all SRP photos, and automatically integrate and deliver images to third-party listings. Keep your buyers focused on your inventory, not your background.

Video Tour

Capture—and captivate—more leads with stunning vehicle videos.

Keep your shoppers glued to the screen with a next-level VDP video experience. Video Tour enables you to easily create high-quality, cost-effective, full-motion videos of your inventory.

Feature Tour

Highlight—and educate on—each vehicle’s attributes.

A reA revolutionary way to showcase each of your vehicle’s most valuable features, Feature Tour breaks down complicated features into easy-to-understand descriptions and videos.

63% graphic.

F&I Advantage

Educate shoppers on F&I before they buy.

F&I products are critical to dealer profitability, but the process often leaves buyers confused and dissatisfied, feeling at the mercy of perceived high-pressure tactics. F&I Advantage builds interest and educates consumers before they ever arrive at the showroom, enabling personalized conversations and improving attachment rates. Introduce margin-enhancing F&I products early in the shopping process, showcasing warranty and protection plans directly on your VDPs.

VINtelligent Shopper Retargeting

A smarter approach to bring shoppers back to your digital showroom.

Powered by first-party behavioral data that targets the highest value shoppers, Impel delivers personalized VIN-specific ads based on demonstrated shopper interests. And with Impel’s 360º technology embedded directly in the ad unit, you’ll bring the most qualified shoppers back to your VDPs—that’s the Impel difference.

Conversational AI that converts more leads

Sales AI

Conversational AI that converts more leads.

Your sales team is busy—so let Impel do the “busy work.” Sales AI ensures immediate and persistent follow-up with every internet lead. With fully conversational dialogue delivered though email and SMS text, Impel’s Sales AI platform engages consumers in human-like conversations and hands off ready-to-buy shoppers to your sales team. And with our fully automated scheduling capability, dealers are seeing significant increases in appointments set.

Driving your dealership forward.

More engaged shoppers

Your digital showroom is your new front door. The key to getting shopperes to become buyers? Keeping them on your VDP. And with the Impel platform, customers spend up to 20% more time on your VDPs.

Increased lead conversion

Leads are the lifeblood of your dealership–so you need to convert them before they disengage. Automation is the answer: Impel’s conversational AI supports your sales staff in converting up to 30% more leads.

Higher profit margins

Generate greater returns across every area of your dealership: maxamize vehicle selling prices, optimize F&I attachments and grow your service operation. With the Impel platform, drive profits (and vehicles off your lot).

Enabling omnichannel success.

Sensus enables seamless integration and communication between OEMs, dealerships, service centers and their shoppers and customers. It’s industry-leading digital and physical connectivity for today’s connected world.  

Launch your dealership transformation today.

Transform your digital showroom

Create a rich, immersive experience for every customer. Request a demo today and see Impel in action for yourself!

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