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SpinCar Gives Reach Engage Develop (R.E.D.) Rights to Resell Interactive Automotive Merchandising Tool in South Africa

SpinCar’s state-of-the-art merchandising solution leverages proprietary technology to build trust with consumers shopping on a dealer, OEM, or third-party website. The platform automatically converts vehicle photographs into highly-interactive, virtual reality enabled 360° displays with tagged, touchable hotspots. These customizable hotspots can be used to indicate features or faults of a vehicle and gain unprecedented insights about consumer behavior. The 360° interior and exterior views can easily be published on any website in under ten minutes and customers can even dive inside the vehicle if they have a virtual reality headset (Gear VR, Google Cardboard, or other).

“We’re incredibly excited to announce our entry into the South African auto sector in partnership with R.E.D. Solutions. Given the massive success we’ve experienced in similar international markets and R.E.D’s unparalleled distribution, we expect significant adoption from the outset,” said Devin Daly, SpinCar CEO and co-founder.

SpinCar’s Mobile Capture Application increases photographer efficiency by two-to-three times while guaranteeing photographic consistency and promoting higher inventory coverage ratios. SpinCar’s 360° WalkArounddisplay is proven to increase website dwell times and conversion rates by providing a more interactive experience. In addition, SpinCar’s Lead Intelligence Reporting includes a set of proprietary reports that help dealerships understand the drivers of their business like never before. By monitoring engagement with hotspot features, SpinCar helps dealers understand consumer behavior which then drives more efficient, customized sales and marketing strategies. SpinCar’s reporting provides unprecedented consumer insights that foster customer-tailored sales conversations and marketing.

“We are truly excited to be working with SpinCar and have no doubt that it is going to revolutionize automotive marketing in South Africa,” R.E.D. Managing Director Jason Chalmers said.

About Reach Engage Develop (R.E.D.):

R.E.D. is a leading digital solutions provider to the automotive industry in South Africa, offering a broad spectrum of solutions focused on lead generation, sales conversions, and reputation management. Founded and managed by power couple Jason and Brigid Chalmers, R.E.D. consists of a team of 21 who spend their time finding ways to increase lead conversion through their focused activities. Having built a reputation for providing unrivaled service and results, R.E.D. is fast becoming the digital provider of choice for many groups and independent dealers. To learn more, visit http://reachengagedevelop.com/.

About SpinCar

SpinCar, based in New York City, is a comprehensive vehicle merchandising platform used by auto dealers in the U.S. and abroad, including several OEMs. SpinCar’s Mobile Capture Application increases photographer efficiency by 2-3X while guaranteeing photographic consistency and promoting higher inventory coverage. The SpinCar 360° WalkAround web display is proven to increase website dwell times and a guaranteed 10% increase in leads by providing a more interactive consumer experience. For more information about SpinCar’s vehicle merchandising capabilities try a free demo today or visit SpinCar.com.