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Popular Science Ushers in New Era of 3D Tablet Content Using SwipetoSpin


The October 2013 issue of Popular Science magazine’s tablet edition features embedded 3D content powered by Impel 3D viewer. The magazine’s decision to showcase this capability heralds the emergence of a new gold standard for user interaction— the ability to engage users with 3D representations of everyday objects—without leaving the core application or downloading any specialized software.

Impel (formerly SpinCar) lets tablet magazine publishers create photorealistic 3D content for their readers to interact with and enjoy. In doing so, Impel allows publishers to retain and attract readers with more engaging editorial content, in addition to allowing publishers to create more immersive advertising units.

Popular Science will use Impel to allow users to interact with 3D content relevant to their October story “Traffic Pattern.” Readers will be able to view and rotate a car with a roof-mounted lidar mapping system in 3D. In using Impel, Popular Science is able more effectively communicate to its readership how complex gadgets function, in a fun and intuitive way— all the while increasing user engagement.

“We are thrilled that our technology is being put to use by Popular Science,” says Impel Co-Founder, Michael Quigley, and “we expect to see more magazines showcasing our technology in their upcoming issues.” “Impel finally makes it practical to do rich media image rotations in our digital products,” says Popular Science Creative Director Sam Syed, “there are so many potential exciting applications for this technology.”