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Product Update: VDP Urgency Counter

We are always looking for ways to help our dealers improve conversion rates, so we’ve just deployed a free upgrade to all SpinCar 360° WalkArounds: the VDP Urgency Counter. Car shoppers on sites using SpinCar will now see how many other visitors have viewed a particular VDP. Have you ever been shopping online and seen a notification about low inventory in stock? How about booking a hotel or a flight? Using the fear of loss and creating a sense of urgency in shoppers has long been used on sites like these to improve conversions.

Here’s how retail giant Amazon employs it:

low stock

The low stock notification encourages shoppers to make a purchase decision faster.

We’re applying the same principal to the automotive industry to drive higher conversions in dealerships across the country.

Faster Decisions
Encourage your shoppers to make faster purchasing decisions by showing them how many visitors are viewing the same vehicle. Show them how hot a vehicle is and spur them to move quickly on the vehicles they like.

Not Many Visitors?
Don’t worry. If a vehicle hasn’t received many views, the counter is automatically turned off. We’ve always got your back!

Check back often to learn how to drive more conversions for your dealership website and learn about new free upgrades to SpinCar. Customers can expect many more free upgrades like this in 2016!