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The Reporting Every Dealership Needs

As a car dealership, there is no doubt you are in a position where your customers are looking at your online offerings to get the information they need on both your dealership and your vehicle selection. With this, they are developing informed decisions about their future car purchase. As a dealership, your concern is the need to create a user experience that you can convert into sales and strengthen your relationship with your customers. While you can directly ask your customers these questions, you are also able to receive this information based on their online searches with our easy to read reporting.

SpinCar® has taken reporting technology to a whole new level by offering Lead Intelligence Reports, Inventory Activity Reports, and VDP Intelligence Reports for every dealership that comes aboard. All of these reports will give you a digestible, easy to read, format that will tell you everything you need to know about your customers, the market, and your website’s performance. Let’s take a quick tour of each and how they help increase your market and consumer knowledge and the impact that can create for your business.

Lead Intelligence Reporting

car dealer report


Your primary goal as a dealership is to leave a lasting impression on the visitors to your site, and that begins with knowing as much about your customer as you know about your inventory. It is important that you have the ability to satisfy your customer’s needs and wants simultaneously while being able to provide other options in packages and different vehicles. Your consumer research sent through our Lead Intelligence Reports is your guide to all of this information.

This report is just as smart as it sounds. SpinCar® uses data that we collect from the engagement of hotspots on a vehicle and sends detailed reports on what we find in an easy to read format. You will be able to see where you customer spends the most time and what features were the most important in every car they browse. The now granular level that you will be able to know your clients from will aid your dealership to provide the best customer service possible. Updates in real time also allow your salesperson to be one step ahead in knowing just what features to mention and what alternative vehicles





VDP Intelligence Reporting

Understanding how your site is performing is an integral part of your online business potential.

Your website is in charge of bringing you 92% of your car sales. Taking the time to ensure that your site is a proper representation of your business and your capabilities as a dealership will set you apart to potential car buyers.

With the VDP Intelligence Report, you will receive a breakdown of trends and changes to your site and how they could affect your business while showing you how you are seen online by your potential customers. Your bounce rates, conversion rates, as well as which vehicles are the most popular and where your customers time is spent on your site will all be shown in this report.

Inventory Activity Reportingcar sales chart

SpinCar’s custom Inventory Activity Reports can also give you a complete look at your dealership’s performance within the market. Using just one form of market reporting is sure to leave your dealership missing key components to pricing and tracking fluctuations. It is no longer enough to just base your pricing on what the market of “supply” says, but you can also use “demand” to your advantage to find new opportunities to increase your gross profits. On the accompanying graph, you can see that demand changes year to year and it is essential to know what car buyers are looking for as much as what is available on the market. The average dealership using our Inventory Activity Reports can see a front-end gross increase by about 15%.

Arming your dealership with all of these reports is enough to give you all of the information on the performance of every part of your dealership. From getting to know the demands of your site visitors, and being able to see how potential customers are interacting with your site, can positively impact your bottom line. The better aware you are of all aspects of the growing online portion of your business the more customers will look to your dealership the standard.

Learn more on how your dealership can have access to these sales enhancing reports to help you stand apart from your competition! Contact us today to increase your site engagement by 50% and a guaranteed 10% lift in your web leads.