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Meet SpinCar

SpinCar converts standard vehicle photographs into super-interactive 360º displays. This technology has proven to double time spent on dealer websites and increase lead form submissions by more than 25%. SpinCar enables you to display your inventory in 360º, which has been proven to make consumers feel more in control and more confident, thereby dramatically improving their likelihood to purchase. Additionally, touchable hotspots are automatically tagged on your vehicles. These hotspots can contain imagery, audio, video, lead forms, OEM collateral – really any rich content you’d like. These hotspots encourage people to drill down into your inventory and sell themselves on your product. It also highlights the unique features of your vehicles much more effectively than text. Finally, SpinCar produces analytics that you can actually use. Every user interaction is tracked so you know exactly which features matter to each and every lead – ask us about our Lead Intelligence Report to learn more. Consumers are doing more of their vehicle shopping online than ever before. Use SpinCar to engage these consumers and differentiate your dealership.