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Auto industry innovators rely on Impel for digital engagement technology that drives meaningful business results

“Next level tech to be sure!”

“We have been very pleased with Impel and love the AI product in particular. With our unique dealer profiles in place, I am able to manage the best response times we’ve ever seen and the customer questions are being answered in a very professional manner. Our sales people are able to source the leads much more effectively and the after hours contact frees up my staff in evenings on their personal time. All the while the AI is setting appointments and answering questions. Next level tech to be sure!”

Robert Melton
Director of Marketing & Operations
Melton Sales | Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge, & Ram


“…we’ve had a record-breaking attachment rate!”

“We’ve made no changes to our F&I process other than implementing Impel and we’ve had a record-breaking attachment rate.”

Jarred Black
General Manager
Larry H. Miller Toyota

“Great features like the 360° view.”

“Impel is easy to work with and has great features like the 360° view. Our customers enjoy the quality of pictures and the fact that it’s user friendly. Customer service is also great and goes above and beyond to help and assist! Most importantly it has improved our online sales!”

Roger Hernandez
Operations Manager
Big Valley Auto Auction


“We’ve seen conversion rates go up by 64%.”

Austen Iverson, Vice President of Iverson Auto


increase in low-funnel shopper behaviors.

“Integrating with Impel to enable 360° spins on has been a powerful addition to listings on In fact, initial results were so good that we enabled Impel 360° WalkArounds to automatically appear on listing VDPs – and we saw that 360° WalkArounds drove up to a 112% increase in low-funnel shopper behaviors.” –


36% more lead submissions and 23% increase in time spent on VDPs.

Gary Rome Hyundai

Sales AI improves lead conversion and sales team
efficiency at Rohrman Automotive Group.

Milton Cat

“Impel is a game changer.”

“There are no other equipment dealers that are offering (360° WalkArounds) to out-of-area customers and that was a huge factor in me buying these units. It’s a game changer.”

– Milton CAT Customer

“…getting inventory online is fast and painless.”

“We couldn’t be more pleased with Impel. The implementation was stellar and getting inventory online is fast and painless. We’ve seen significant increases in time spent on VDP and leads due to the 360° WalkArounds, and the customers love them. Their VINtelligent AI has great ROI and brings back quality traffic and VDP views.”

Matt Petrovich
Director of Marketing & Operations
Nash Powersports

“…the experience has been great from the start.”

“We implemented 360° photography for our listings using Impel and the experience has been great from the start. We think our site listings stand out more now that we have included 360° imaging. Impel was great, from account set up, training to troubleshooting through the learning process.”

Kelley Leibsle
Marketing Director
Gordy’s Marine

While your dealership sleeps!

“The appointment that we have scheduled for tomorrow, that initial AI response went out at 3:30 in the morning, because that’s when the lead came in. This customer was probably working the night shift. I wouldn’t have responded to his email until 9 a.m. in the morning. Then, he probably already went to bed, so he wouldn’t have responded to my email until after 5 p.m., and I would have already left the dealership. It would have just been a constant battle trying to get ahold of this customer on his schedule. But, we had Julia (the name of the AI) reach out and set the appointment for a date that works for the customer – and this all happened in the first day that we went live – overnight! This is a perfect example of why we needed this tool and why we’ll see a lot of value in this moving forward!”

Mason Parker
Marketing Director
Ashland Motors

Driving powerful business results through superior digital merchandising solutions.

“Loving the volume of appointments.”

“If Meghan (Sales AI assistant) was a person she’d out sell all of my sales reps on the floor. Loving the volume of appointments. Absolutely thrilled with everything so far.”

Priority Honda

Bill Marsh

“The reviews that we have gotten from salespeople who are presenting the vehicles, as well as customers who are evaluating the vehicles, have been fantastic.”

Bill Marsh Jr,
Bill Marsh Auto Group

“5 Star tools, 5 Star customer service.”

“5 Star tools, 5 Star customer service. We are so pleased with our implementation team and partnership to drive performance and success. Greatly recommend!”

Christi Andrew
Marketing Manager
Freestone Autoplex

“The data speaks for itself…”

“I never thought AI tech could be this good. The data speaks for itself and I am a believer alongside the rest of my team. If you need a little extra push with your digital retail look no further.”

Mark Price
Automotive Consultants
Sound Motorsports


“Putting Hannah (Sales AI assistant) in our dealership was by far the best technological decision I’ve ever made in 4.5 years, and that includes changing a CRM. She just – out of the box – performs. And it blows the competition out of the water.”

Gray Scott
Chief Marketing Officer
Muller Honda

“Impel helps me keep shoppers on the page longer, and the longer they’re on my site, the more opportunity there is to convert.”

Al Gillespie
Chief Marketing Officer
Feldman Automotive

Enhanced solutions, unrivaled customer service, and exceptional technical support.

Mahalak Auto Group

“At the end of the call they told us they are cutting vendors left and right and are not buying anything from anyone….except for Sales AI. They praised the Impel team, our processes and are excited to test Sales AI at their first store.”

RVOne Raleigh

“We called your tech support team and they were able to help us out in under five minutes. Big relief after trying to resolve the issue with my own IT support team and Apple’s support crew.”

Autobahn Auto Group

“Just keep up the great customer support, that’s been really important and it’s appreciated. I think a lot of times companies underestimate how important that is. But when we need something, you know, you’ve done it fast for us and… and that’s appreciated.”

Proudly serving customers of all vehicle types and sizes.