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VINtelligent AI

The smart way to make your marketing investments go further.

VINtelligent solutions

Personalized communication that drives results.

For conquesting or retargeting, sales or service, VINtelligent AI holds the key to keeping shoppers and customers engaged (and reengaged) with your dealership.

Shopper Retargeting

A smarter approach to bring shoppers back to your digital showroom.

Powered by first-party behavioral data to target the highest value prospects, Impel delivers personalized, VIN-specific digital ads based on demonstrated shopper interests. And with interactive walkarounds embedded directly into ad units, you’ll bring the most qualified traffic back to your VDPs. For a difference you can see.

Service retargeting on an iphone.

Service Retargeting

A cost-effective marketing solution for your service operation.

Optimize lifetime value and grow your service revenue by connecting with customers wherever they are. Powered by programmatic technology and fully synced with your customer database, Impel’s hyper-targeted marketing messages drive more appointments for your service drive and greater value for your business.

Shopper Acquisition

Digital ads that move more metal.

Why settle for generic dealership marketing messages? With Impel’s data-driven marketing engine, you can create VIN-specific conquesting campaigns that highlight your most valuable asset—your inventory. Showcase vehicles with interactive digital ads that engage prospective buyers and drive more traffic to your digital showroom.

Inventory acquisition graphic.

Inventory Acquisition

The easy way to source inventory.

In today’s market, securing used car inventory is more critical than ever. And there’s never been a better time to source vehicles directly from consumers. Leveraging our data-driven retargeting engine, you’ll be able to deliver targeted offers to in-market shoppers with the highest likelihood of a trade-in or vehicle sale.

Why Dealers Choose Impel

“We couldn’t be more pleased with Impel. Their VINtelligent AI has great ROI and brings back quality traffic and VDP views.”




“I have been working with Impel for close to 2 years now. They provide great communication and reporting for the ads we are running. The ads themselves work well for bringing customers back around. Thank you for having a great team and great product.”


Better technology. Better results.


Featuring the industry’s only ad units with embedded 360º WalkArounds, which enable shoppers to interact with vehicles from wherever they are – driving more qualified traffic to your website.


Optimized audience targeting based on first-party shopper behavioral data and customer purchase history that distinguishes casual visitors from active shoppers. That means laser-focused messages delivered to your highest value prospects.

Fully Automated

Focus your team on results, not tasks. Powered by a programmatic bidding engine, our automated ad builder and pay-per-click pricing model drive optimal performance for your marketing investments.

Used by Dealers Around the World.

Your advertising dollars can work harder

Learn how to supercharge your marketing efforts and reduce wasteful ad spend with best practices that can help your dealership optimize your business results.

Engage more shoppers with messaging that matters.

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