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Product Update

Here at SpinCar, we’re always improving our product with high-ROI upgrades that are proven to help your dealership move more metal. Check out the latest enhancements we’ve made to our products over the last few weeks. Reach out to your Digital Account Manager to learn more about any of these upgrades!



These two new blur tools, Depth Blur and Mask Blur, allow you to shoot and edit photos with automatically blurred backgrounds. This allows for the vehicle you’re selling to be the main focus for the consumer. This feature hides unsightly spaces in your photo bay, outdoor elements, advertisements, and clutter while ensuring compliance by highlighting just one manufacturer at a time.



SpinCar Capture can now use VIN-specific data to prompt over 200 different vehicle features that the photographer can capture. These prompts are based on VIN-specific option data, default to stock imagery if photo is not captured, and may contain a text description in the hotspot.

This is a guided, standardized process that assures a photographer won’t miss a high-priority feature that’s important to potential buyers!

Screen Shot 2018-07-05 at 5.03.05 PM



SpinCar’s Retargeting report now includes even more valuable key website health metrics pulled directly from your Google Analytics. With the newly added insights, you’ll quickly be able to see total site traffic, total VDP hits, engagement data and other important top line intelligence such as sources of VDP traffic. This way, every week, you’ll have your finger on the pulse of your website.



Screen Shot 2018-07-26 at 2.58.32 PM



We’ve expedited the process of deleting spins! With this new feature, users now have the ability to delete all spins (and their associated media) from the device with the press of a button in the settings menu.








We’ve added inventory data into SpinCar Capture. The data will be available to the user after a match is made, and it’s made similarly to the way Google autocompletes a query. Fields that are synced/stored include VIN, stock, year, make, model, options, and the last time the feed was synced with the device.






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